• The current road will become a Linear Park 800m.Continuing the cycle path along the project, it will have parking areas and platforms.
  • Metal arch bridge over the lagoon of the same name. On the bridge runs the road and four-lane dual carriageway.

According with the procedures and techniques proposed for the bridge subcontractors in the Spaans Lagoen, the original plan must be modified including additional time to start the construction of the foundation and an important reduction in the time require to mounting the structures. The final dates of the structure are fulfillment and an additional float of 2 months are incorporated in the general schedule of the bridge. Based on that the Remedial Plan are proposed modifying the Critical Milestones.

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The bridge Spaans Lagoon and mangroves Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA) started on August 14th. This study will produce the criteria to clean and mangrove grove the area where the Spaans Lagoon will build and supports the activities of Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
The EMP considers the need to supplement the environmental Base line of ecosystem making the characterization of the quality of the water of the mangrove in the parameters of chemical and bacteriological (with WEB-Aruba and National Testing Laboratories Ltd. MI USA, in March 2th prior to the start of the bridge construction); their floristic composition and fauna associated with the roots (benthos, plankton, marine invertebrates, fish), reptiles, mammals and birds. The terms of reference were prepared for the comprehensive study with a one institute of marine research in Colombia.