CIC N.V. has planned and implemented in a systematic way the activities for a quality system so that all quality requirements will be fulfilled. The quality requirements

With a systematic process CIC N.V. is checking whether the work being developed is meeting the requirements.

Reconstruction and maintenance

Reconstruction and maintenance within this context is the existing carriageway of the main roads – namely the existing main route, a northern route and a southern route from the Jaraweg to San Nicolas – shall also be reconstructed. The northern route passes along Jara, Savaneta, Sero Alejandro, Rooi Koochi, Mabon, Weg Sero Blanco and Weg Fontein to San Nicolas. The majority of the southern route is along the coast. This route runs from Isla di Oro and passes along Savaneta, Noord Cura Cabai and Zeewijk to San Nicolas. In total, this relates to a renovation of the existing roads over a length of approximately 23 km.

Mahuma – Sero Tijshi

Construction of a second road between the airport Queen Beatrix and PosChiquito with three kinds roundabout intersections, construction of a bridge over the sewer Mahuma and building a bridge upper arch on Laguna Spanish.

IMG-20160331-WA0015        IMG-20160331-WA0023


In the Mahuma to Sero Tijshi intersection sector the activities executed were:

a) Transport the excavated material to the areas where the material is required;
b) Install and compact of base course material;
c) Stripping and leveling works regarding the cycle path route;
d) Stripping and leveling works for the berms;
e) Built of sloop on the road edges (where needed).
f) Bitumen emulsion was applied.